Hello there 🙂 Thanks for taking an interest.

My journey with WordPress started a long time ago (2009) when I was making sites for clients and WordPress seemed to be the right tool, that haven’t changed since. At that time I was Java 6 SE developer and haven’t known PHP, I’ve learned PHP through work with WordPress. First it was tweaking themes and in the end full on theme and plugin development.

I have also worked with various PHP frameworks such as Symfony 2, CodeIgniter etc. to create specific solutions for clients that needed something more customized than WordPress. It usually included SPA written in some JavaScript framework, mostly Backbone and a bunch of custom code.

In free time I’m building a family house in the mountains, playing some sandbox/open world/voxel games and spending time with my perfect wife <3 and not so perfect dogs 😉

I have wide area of interests from psychology to management and from programming to arts.

My goals for future are to become better at what I do, and to travel more and meet more people from the industry more often.